But aren't you worried?

Like so many others, the call to live out one of our big dreams NOW while we are young and able has been too loud to ignore.  Oddly enough, I feel everything in our lives has been leading us to this point in some way - as if it's all 'meant to be' - and there is something HUGE waiting for us to learn; see; or be a part of in the next few years.

Have you ever had that feeling before?  That something bigger than you is pulling you towards a purpose?  That past challenges or obstacles have been grooming you for something you can't yet see?

Obstacles do not block the path. They are the path.
— Unknown

We've been asked if we're scared and worried about uprooting life as we know it and heading into the unknown with our boys.  I can honestly say that those feelings are few and far between.  Worry is there, of course - but it has a totally different vibe about it.  I'd challenge that the 'unknown' is with you no matter where you are!  Staying 'put' will never provide any guarantees....  in love, relationships, work, health or life.

We're choosing to look at what we'll be gaining from this decision, rather than what we'll be losing.... and our perspective paints an abundantly 'peachy' vision!

When we talk about our trip or cross yet another task off that moves us closer,  an all-encompassing anticipation at the phenomenal experiences that lie ahead of us stirs... an accumulation of all that the camping and outdoor lifestyle has already brought into our lives over the years - closeness; adventure; excitement; lessons; peace; balance; awareness - it all gets rolled up and multiplied to infinity!

Worry has it's place, for sure.  But we refuse to use it as a reason NOT to do something.  Instead we think of it as key in knowing what is needed in our planning.

I've been worried about our preschooler and his lack of water skills.  Guess what? Swimming lessons just made it onto our 'to-do' list. 

I'm nervous about snakes, spiders, scorpions and other creepy crawlers.  Better add a first-aid refresher course  onto  'the list' as well as an epic 'repellent kit'! 

Worried about crocs?  You bet!  Researcing 'Croc Safety' has been added to 'the list'.  

But as far as worrying about uprooting our lives.......  Well, It just really isn't on our minds.

For now we'll continue embracing the worries that will build our skills and reduce risks that could be necessary to our new travelling lifestyle until our time comes to hit the road full time, early in the new year.

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.
— Les Brown