Siding Spring Observatory - KOOL KAMPERS KIDS REVIEW by Dylan.

We visited the Siding Spring Observatory in Warrumbungle National Park (NSW).

At the observatory it had a scale that would tell you how much you weigh on different planets. I weighed around 1.5 tonne on the sun and only 6 kilograms on the moon!

There were also these milk cartons that had a name of a planet on each of them. You would have to lift them up to see how heavy a 1 litre milk carton would weigh on each planet. Then you would see the gravity difference by lifting them up. The lightest was Pluto and the heaviest was the sun. It was so heavy that no one could lift it up! (thats cause it was glued down).

There was a theatre there as well. You wear these 3D glasses which make the screen seem 3D when it wasn’t really. We watched a video that went for around 20 minutes and explained how the universe was made, and also how and why the sun is expanding.

Lastly, it pretty much had information about who knows what around every corner and covering every wall!

Watch the video for my quick review.

I was so looking forward to our first ‘official’ excursion, and could not wait to look at the planets and stars!