Fraser Island - Surf, Sand and Starry nights!

Driving along the beachfront creates such an incredible feeling of freedom, but that isn't all that's on offer when you visit Fraser Island.  With tranquil lakes and inland tracks that make you feel like you're in the middle of a rainforest, Fraser is a diverse location that ticks all the boxes of most recreational campers.

Accessible by barge, there are a few things to keep in mind if you're a first timer to the area.  Barge times and prices, tide times to allow for maximum 'road' to travel on, driving etiquette and park permits/ fees are some of the main topics that come to mind.  It would also be an idea to scratch up on those vehicle recovery skills and perhaps minimise any unwanted dingo interactions by reading up on safety points - especially in regards to food/rubbish storage while camping. 

The beach in itself can produce hours of fun for the family - think sunbaking, fishing, making sandcastles or kicking a ball around.  For those who are keen for a little more adventure, why not make your way to some of the iconic attractions for the tourists? 

Our favourites are Lake McKenzie; the SS Maheno Ship Wreck; Lake Wabby; Champagne Pools; Orchid Beach; Indian Head; Eli Creek; Kingfisher Bay; The Coloured Sands; Central Station and the Sandy Cape Lighthouse.   

With a fair driving distance between locations, be sure to map out your journey within the relevant tide times so you don't get stranded - or worse...  You don't want to take on the ocean!! 

Fraser Island, with a little planning and common sense, provides a magical playground for young and old alike.