We love to end a days travels by pulling up a chair around the campfire and soak in our surrounds and hopefully a magical sunset.

A few days back, after a day of good behaviour, our boys were promised some S’mores before bed.

FYI, If you haven’t tried them with a caramello koala, you’re seriously missing out!!

Runny caramel; melted chocolate and semi charcoaled marshies smushed in-between two milk arrowroot biccies. Full on party in your mouth - trust me!

On this particular night, Wayne and I were pretty shattered so left Dylan outside to help the ‘youngens’ with their campfire desserts. When we walked back outside they had devoured their sweets and helped themselves to more marshmallows over the fire.

Pretty typical kids, really…. trying to push the boundaries when it comes to their occassional ‘junk’ foods.

After they’d packed away the marshmallows and put the metal ‘marshie’ cooker inside to be washed, we caught Linkin red handed with a mouthful of plain (uncooked) marshmallows he’d snatched from the bag when no-one was looking - and the only reason we busted him was because he had his hands so far down in his trackie pants’ pockets that he was showing us all his butt-crack from the other side of the fire!

He was searching vehemently for what he thought was his last hidden marshmallow, and when we asked what he was looking for his little head dropped in sadness and he said “Oops…. that’s not a marshmellow….. that’s my nuts!” 😳🤦🏼‍♀️