july issue, 2019 [#28]


 Thick red dirt for as far as the eye can see…

 Random rows of naked, charcoaled trees curved forward reaching in desperation for water in the dry conditions.  Fragments of new life rising amongst their charred roots in fire devastated patches. 

 Bright yellow spinifex contrasting next to the sparse greenery – with a layer of red where the wind and passing vehicles have left a sprinkling of dirt in their midst.

 The changing rugged landscape on the Tanami epitomises the outback. 

 There is ‘nothing’ to see…. yet so much to see – and that’s part of its appeal.

 Starting from Alice Springs end, our first day saw us complete the first 200kms of tarmac, pulling up stumps in a free camp, and relaxing by a fire while we watched the vibrant sunset turn into an incredibly bright star show. 

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august issue, 2019 [#29]


There appears to be an attitude amongst some of the caravan and camping community that the more you spend on your set up, the less likely you should be to encounter problems.  With an AusRV Byfield XT (Off-road) family bunk van that cost us upwards of $100K, we have faced some disbelief and negative comments when things within the van have broken. To us, that kind of thinking is the same as purchasing a million-dollar house with the expectation that because you’d spent that money, nothing was ever going to break or go wrong.

The reality is that wear and tear will occur in ANYTHING that is being used regularly.  Particularly something that is being put through its paces on varying terrains and used daily exploring this big beautiful country of ours.


So what’s it been like for us with 8 months of full-time life inside our caravan?

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Anyone who goes camping understands the limitations a lack of water can have. 

Water is needed not only to keep our bodies hydrated throughout the day and for those necessary morning mood enhancing coffees and teas, but also for a number of other daily tasks such as cooking and washing dishes.

Whether you’re out on a trip for the holidays or travelling full time like us, maintaining water levels is an essential part of camping life.  A lack of accessible water, or a suddenly empty tank is a major concern and our number one reason for needing to leave camp.  

Regardless of whether diminishing water cuts your stay short or simply adds an additional day- trip to the closest water fill point to your itinerary, there’s no denying the importance of making every drop count when you’re distanced from a plentiful source.

Some cleverly thought out water saving practices can certainly impact on how long your water lasts.

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