Landcruiser 76 Series

Why did you upgrade to a Landcruiser?

For payload and towing capacity -plus it’s a V8 - and the car weighed a lot. I wanted the car to be at least as heavy (or heavier) than the caravan we were towing. 

When we did Cape York in 2017, all we saw were 70 series Toyota Landcruisers, so figured that spares would be easy to come by and people in remote areas would know how to work on them. We’d been told by lots of other people they were a bulletproof car - plenty of power and towing power which is exactly what we need for our fulltime travels. 

What modifications have you done to the Cruiser and why?

Okay, so you may need to grab a chair…. as this is a decent sized list!

We added:

  • Catch can - stop dirty oil getting into the inter cooler 

  • Fuel filter - to prevent dirt fuel wrecking the engine

  • Diff breathers - to stop water going into the diffs when doing water crossings

  • Aftermarket exhaust and dump pipe - for cooler exhaust temperatures when towing

  • Remapping- gives extra torque and power for towing the van

  • Heavy duty clutch - stronger for towing with

  • AirMax Snorkel - Increased ain’t glow and for water Crossings 

  • GVM + GCM upgrade to carry more payload

  • Reversing camera - linked to both back of car and back of caravan

  • Slotted disk breaks - to increase breaking power

  • Steel winch bar and side steps for vehicle protection 

  • Winch for recovery purposes 

  • Lightbar and spotlights for extra night vision

  • Airbag suspension - ease of levelling heights for towing

  • Almac 12v winch boatloader - for ease of raising and lowering tinnie

  • 16x8 spider alloy wheels made for 70 series - because they have a +50 rear alloy because of narrow tracking diff

  • 265/75R 16 Hancock MT tyres - affordable for off-road use and to match caravan tyre size so all spares are interchangeable 

  • Ctek dual battery system - runs the fridge and lights in the 4wd

  • UHF & Celfi phone booster - for communication

  • Dashcam - record potential accidents/hazards for insurance purposes 

  • Redarc EGT/boost and outside air temperature gauge - to monitor vital engine temps

  • Waeco 10L centre console fridge- mainly for CUPHOLDERS and storage

  • Gearstick extension and window armrest - for driver comfort

  • iPad with extension arm holder - to easily view navigation

  • Custom made rear draws - storage

  • Engel 40L fridge on fridge slides with cage - ease of access and additional food storage

  • Onboard compressor- easy inflate airbags and tyre pressures (see video below)

  • Storage cage - stop loose objects falling on the kids seats

  • Custom made roof console - extra storage

  • Black duck seat covers - comfort and easier clean/waterproof

  • Safety Dave TPMS - monitoring tyre pressure and temps

  • Pressure gauge for airbags and toggle switches - inflating and deflating as required 

  • Reflective solar shields for rear windows - reduce heat and for privacy

  • Extra USB ports - charging devices

Wayne runs through a handful of items we're adding to our 76 series Landcruiser to enhance our travelling experience and keep us safer on the road.

Anything you HAVEN’T done that you want to?

I don’t think so! I do have other ideas for if we end up upgrading to a different vehicle in the future - but we have everything we feel we’ll need for safer and more comfortable travels in this rig.

🔊🔊 Have you heard of onboard air? We think it's going to be a massive benefit to us while we're on the road full time.. Wayne talks you through it in this short video 🎬👇 || Shoot us a message if you have any questions or want info about the installation.