Lets Go!!

The day has finally come!!

Watch out Oz....

The Kool Kampers are officially on tour ๐Ÿ˜‰

The plan for now is to get to Adelaide as fast as possible, so we wonโ€™t be seeing much of the Southern States just now. Wayne is keen to spend as much time in Western and Northern Australia as possible this year - to give our tinnie and fishing rods a major workoutโ€ฆ

Weโ€™re all so excited that the day has finally come for us to drive off into the unknown adventure that awaitsโ€ฆ we hope youโ€™ll keep following along with us and recommending places for us to see when we reach familiar locations - as weโ€™ll be relying in large part on YOUR opinions and suggestions as we decide on our path every few days!

Lets GO!!!!