Bye Queensland…

Our first destination was Darlington Park - one of our favourite local camping grounds, and one that isn’t too far away as we had invited some friends and family to come along and share in one final weekend trip together before we began our new travelling lifestyle.

We ventured to The Lost World , and couldn’t keep our minds from drifting off in anticipation of all of the incredibly beautiful ‘secret’ spots we would come across in our travels. It definitely FINALLY feels like our adventure can begin and the excitement is pulsing through every vein in our bodies. 🤗

After a slow, nervous SOLO departure south, it didn’t take long for that longed for ‘FREE’ feeling to kick in….

Just us and the open road…..

The New South Wales border was our first border crossing, and we handed the exploring ‘reins’ over to the boys to research where we were and decide on some sight seeing that interested them. They planned an interesting day where we explored Thunderbolt Hideout in Tenterfield.

Despite rolling my ankle about 100km into the walk, with my makeshift walking stick and Wayne and the boys laughing as they attempted to clear the track ahead of me to prevent any possible further incidents, we made it into Captain Thunderbolt’s camp. The boys told us they’d read that Captain Thunderbolt was a bushranger who would stable his horses and camp under the huge rock shelter {The Hideout} while on lookout for gold'-miners passing by to rob.

We love the fact that all of us can learn specific historical information on places we visit!

Take a look at our first week summary below 👇

We filmed this quick vid at the incredible FREE camp in Bingara, NSW that we found on wikicamps.

Definitely in our element here… Sunny days… Riverside camping…Just us…. Our home on wheels… and some tunes! ✌☀🏊‍♂️