Wayne's Wednesday Money Wasters!

When we were preparing for our Aussie travels,

Wayne's list of necessary tools and equipment seemed N E V E R E N D I N G !!

We’re asking for YOUR opinion in this mini series - do you think the purchases were necessary.......

Or a glorified 'wank' factor that will get little to no use???

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Tune in each Wednesday to have your say..

Episode One: Wednesday 20th March 2019

Episode Two: Wednesday 27th March 2019

**SCOREBOARD** 1 - 0 in Wayne's Favour......

Episode Three: Wednesday 3rd April 2019

**SCOREBOARD** 2 - 0 in Wayne's Favour......

Episode Four: Wednesday 10th April 2019

**SCOREBOARD** 2 - 1 in Wayne's Favour......