Murray River - Free Camp, Renmark

There are so many amazing free camping spots along The Murray River - with birdlife, marine life and a wilderness feel running rampant - the experience of camping on the banks of ‘The Mighty Murray’ is one you should definitely aim to encounter!

We weren’t quite sure what to expect of camp grounds in the area, and comments on our wikicamps phone app had scared us off a little as they insisted there wasn’t a heap of room for larger rigs, and strongly suggested big vans stay away in the wet.

The first river camp spot we decended upon backed up these comments with a worrying sign on the front gate - which we are grateful we saw before we drove on through, as the weather had been a bit all-over-the-place, and the sky was looking pretty darn grey!!

We were surprised to find clean flush toilets at a FREE camp called ‘Kings Billabong River Camp’, along with easy access for our rig and a perfect spot for us to park up - literally at the water’s edge!

Now THIS….this is our kind of camping 🙌🏻

It was quite windy on those first few days along the Murray, and us Queenslanders were most definitely feeling the cold ❄️!

Thankfully it warmed up enough for us to get the boat out and play on the water! We tied a boogie board to the back of the tinnie and the kids had some epic fun (and stacks!!)

Our first month of our full time travels saw us trek from Brissy to Adelaide! Here's a snap-shot of what we got up to..