Budget - 3 Months of full time travel


• We are a family of 5 (although for groceries it feels like more with 3 growing boys 🤷🏼‍♀️)

• We have spent more on miscellaneous items - but the totals above are things EVERYONE considering a lap of Aus will need....  The other costs would be individually monitored dependent on your situation... (ie/maintenance car and or van; schooling items; tours and attractions; takeout; grog etc etc)

• We are travelling slowly as we’re not on time restrictions so can spend longer in places we love in Australia, meaning our fuel costs should be lower than others travelling faster.

• We have been travelling for a total of 12 weeks - (3 months) and as you can see by our map pretty much cut straight across from B risbane to Adelaide and have spent a lot of time exploring SA’s Peninsulas. (👆🏻 See above point re: fuel)

• Our accommodation has worked out to be just $40.80 per week! 💰 84 days living on the road @ $12.74/day that's just a little over $2.50 a day per person! 💲 

• We have stayed in a caravan park 3 times (so averaging once per month).. usually because 1/ it was either TOOOOO friggen hot and I (Katie) needed the air-con running all night to get a decent sleep - or 2/ we had a run of cloudy; rainy; windy days where we weren’t driving the van around enabling a full battery charge - and the lack of sun made this the easier option or 3/ someone was injured so it was easier to stay in places where the amenities and power source would come in handy..

• We spent more on the solar and battery system for our caravan so we could save on accommodation costs throughout our travels.

• We mostly do free or low-cost camping.

The most we paid for a site was in Adelaide at a BIG4 - a crazy $97/night (but had family drive 5hrs to camp alongside us, so it was a treat)

• We stayed at the Zoofari Lodge at Dubbo Zoo, but have left that cost off these totals - as that was a one-off which is written up under our tours and attractions budget. 

• We use a mixture of Wiki Camps and people’s recommendations when deciding on our camps and attractions.

We know how much you all love your STATS - especially when it comes to money so here’s the breakdown for us:

✖️ Today marks 3 MONTHS of FULLTIME travel ✖️

⛺️ #ACCOMODATION costs to date💲1,070

🍎 #GROCERIES costs to date 💲1,932

⛽️ #FUEL costs to date 💲1,803



✖️3 rolled ankles, 2 lots of tonsillitis, 1 bout of sniffles

✖️3 brown snakes

✖️7 scorpions

✖️5 arguments (no punches thrown 😉)

✖️1 time bogged

✖️3 times Wayne has emptied the toilet cassette

✖️1 time Katie has cooked dinner

✖️2 pairs of thongs broken

✖️1 coffee mug lost

✖️18 other travelling families met

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