Incentives for the kids while travelling?

During our first month on the road as we settled into our new lifestyle,

it was frustrating to constantly feeling like we were the ones doing all the chores.

The boys went through a phase of continually nagging at us for time on their iPads to play games; or listen to music; or watch movies; or stay up late.

We had mood swings and less-than desirable attitude (mostly from our 8yr old) for a good week straight, and were pulling our hair out at how we could harmonise our new smaller environment.

Enter our ⭐️ Star Chart ⭐️......

We decided that similar to our home rules, we’d create a chore list and discuss other tasks we expected the kids to complete without requiring continual prompting. Think of personal care tasks like brushing their teeth, putting dirty clothes in the hamper, and making their beds kind of tasks. Where at home they would receive pocket money to assist them to learn (and motivate completion of) these necessary tasks, on the road we’d have one day per week that would be the boys’ free technology day [read: game day].

The boys collect ‘stars’ throughout the week for doing chores such as the dishes; helping with dinner; sweeping; helping pack up/ set up, being kind to each other, being well -mannered; displaying good behaviour, being thoughtful, listening etc etc...

Basically whenever they do something we want to see more of - they’ll receive “stars”, and on the contrary, whenever they do something we do NOT agree with - they will LOSE some of their stars.

⭐️ Each star’s value is worth 1 minute of time on their devices on a Sunday.

Interestingly, the boys fell into line rather quickly - cementing the idea that kids really do blossom under clearly defined boundaries and expectations. They even went so far as to mention after a few squabbles between Wayne and I , that perhaps we needed to join in on the chart....

Typical of our sexes, ages, and parenting roles:

⭐️My stars equal minutes to MYSELF... to be taken in 10 or 20min blocks... Women in their 30’s with multiple children will relate, I’m sure!

⭐️Waynes stars, however, equal something a bit more R rated.🙄🙄🤷🏼‍♀️

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