Zoofari Lodge Stay

It’s going to cost us HOW MUCH???

I’m happy to report that even Wayne enjoyed himself at our Zoofari Lodge experience…. despite numerous attempts to have me reconsider because of the cost for our family of 5!

Check out our little highlight reel from our 2 days at Taronga Zoo in Dubbo 👇🏻

We arrived at the zoo at around lunch time, as not really knowing what to expect we assumed we had two full days to explore the zoo. This is not exactly the case when you are booked for a Zoofari Lodge stay, as they have quite a full schedule layed out for you - but you do have ample time to check out the animals!

After our induction we headed to the bike hire to choose our transport…. unfortunately none of their bikes come with someone to ride you around, so we had to do all our own pedaling… well - all except Linkin. 🤣

We thought we were reasonably fit, so figured we’d smash out the 6km route easy in the 2 hrs we had before check in was required at our lodge…. but it was definitely harder than we thought…. especially with a 4 yr old that wanted to get out of his cart at every animal enclosure so he didn’t feel left out - even when the animals were in clear view. 🙄 There are a heap of different animals throughout the park. The kids noticed that the only animals missing from the ‘Madagascar’ movies were the penguins!

Around at the Zoofari Lodge check in we were greeted by the ever humorous and friendly Maddi- who allowed us to park our caravan up close to the lounge/bistro area in case we needed anything from there during our stay, and showed us to our ‘Animal View Lodge’. We found the room to be very comfortable for our family of 5 (even though recommended sleeping capacity is 4) and we all enjoyed passing the provided binoculars around to watch the animals from our deck.

Without giving too much away, you get a delicious ‘African style’ buffet dinner before your behind the scenes night tour of some of the animal enclosures…. we recommend putting on some mozzie repellent if you do the night tour - as some of us did start to get attacked a little after the sun went down. A highlight for us was seeing a possum impose on one of the hippopotamus’ enclosures, and the hippo displaying it’s territorial behaviour of whipping it’s tail back and forth spraying urine and faeces metres behind it - directed at the possum!

We made sure we woke early on day 2. Partly because we had to be up for our morning feeding/bathing tour of some more of the animals, but mostly because we wanted to watch the sun come up from the deck of our lodge and view the animals’ morning routines! Our tour guide Felicia was super knowledgeable and was more than happy to answer everyone’s questions about the animals.

We all learned so much from the zookeepers, and it was fantastic to feel their passion on those behind-the-scenes tours.

All in all, we had an incredible ZOOFARI experience, and will remember our two days spent at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo for years to come!

Our exhausted boys give their review a and star rating on their Zoofari experience as we head back to our car after a full on 2 days! 💚