We hope you enjoy following our adventures - hitting the road and ticking a long time dream off our bucket list in our 30's with kids in tow! *Follow us on Facebook and Instagram *www.koolkampers.net *Music credit- Bensound (www.bensound.com)

Wayne, 36.

A typical Aussie bloke, doting dad and loving husband who has always wanted to travel our beautiful country and is completely in his element in the great outdoors. 

Total Master chef on the campfire and BBQ, lover of history and a keen fisherman, Wayne gets a kick out of exploring new places.

Most excited about [our own big lap] :  "The freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want!"

Most scared of: "Running out of money!"

Place he can't wait to visit: "Driving the Gibb-River Road, Kimberley's"..

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Katie, 36.

Feeling her freest while driving and camping, Katie has always held big dreams of travel.  Totally in awe of mother nature, she loves to lose herself in stunning landscapes and surrounds whenever they hit the road.

With a love of photography and a desire to live life to its fullest, Katie thrives off the closeness that camping brings to the family.

Most excited about: "All the new experiences, memories and stories to be collected along the way"!

Most scared of:  "Letting Wayne stay at Wolf- Creek Crater"..

Place she can't wait to visit:  "Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth WA - to swim with the whale sharks and other marine life"!


Dylan, 12

Dylan constantly soaks in everything around him.... from scenery and new faces to history and facts about his locations.  He's our little bookworm and loves to immerse himself in various genres!  Dylan loves to seek out hills and sand dunes to sprint up and roll back down; waterholes he can flip, jump and plunge into and enjoys fishing from the tinnie along with being first to try out dads rope swings.  One of the funniest, most caring and protective big brothers you'll ever meet!   

Most excited about: "All the new places we'll get to explore and things we'll get to learn!"

Most scared of: "Crocodiles!!"

Place he can't wait to visit: "Cable Beach, Broome WA - to ride a camel along the beach at sunset"!

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Cody, 8

Cody loves to have FUN!  He makes friends wherever he is with his inclusive nature, giggly laugh and caring manner.  Cody's an ace with the fishing 'jig' and is quick to catch bait fish for his bigger brothers to use.. taking his job VERY seriously!  Loving the limelight, Cody is all character and definitely keeps things entertaining for the rest of us.

Most excited about:  "Making new friends and seeing heaps of cool indigenous art on rock walls and in caves!"

Most scared of:  "Sharks, missing my friends from home and probably crocodiles too"..

Place he can't wait to visit:  "Ayers rock in Uluru!"


Linkin, 5

The youngest of our family, and we think the most mischievous as well!  Butter wouldn't melt...... with his big baby blues, crazy hilarious storytelling efforts and affectionate personality, Linkin sure does add a certain element into the mix!  He loves a good splash in the water; squeals with excitement when he sees new things (particularly animals); and is just pure joy, from the inside -out!

Most excited about:  "Spending lots of time with Mummy and Daddy and my brothers!"

Most scared of:  "Swimming in the water"..

Place he can't wait to visit:  "Any zoos or crocodile parks!


Blayke, 16 & Locky, 14.

Being children of a separated family unfortunately means the older boys aren't able to join us on our trip full time.  They hope to spend as much time experiencing new places as possible during our travels.  One in particular is very competitive when it comes to his fishing… (can you guess which one?) and can often be found trying to steal the spot of whoever is getting the most hooks when they go to rebait, hahaha!  The other loves helping out with cooking on the Barbie, and is a pro at making all the kids ‘coffees’ in the mornings (hot milos!).  We will definitely have a piece of us missing whilst on the road, but are grateful for the wonderful technology at our fingertips these days which will allow us to stay in contact, and for them to feel a part of it all.

Place they can’t wait to visit:  "Any decent fishing area in Northern Territory or Western Australia"!