Is it all peaches and cream?

So…. is it all it’s cracked up to be? I mean…. what about behind the scenes of the perfection that you see on social media…. is it really ALL peaches and cream?

The short answer is NO - of course not! Daily challenges still occur and we have 5 different personalities to harmonise within a small confined space… of course there are times we all get on each others nerves!

But my long answer is a resounding YES - ABSOLUTELY……….. this lifestyle has provided an incredibly abundant, jam packed and fun first month! Lets recap some of our experiences that will consistently have us recommending YOU get out there and make your own adventures happen..

We’ve experienced a variety of weather conditions.. from hot and humid 39 degree days to cooler windy 12 degree days and crazy stormy nights with 51/km hr winds that shook our van more than ... umm... well more than if **’you know what’** was happening 🤭🤫

We’ve nursed each other through our first injuries and sickness since we left - with sprained ankles and neck muscles, cuts, blisters, tonsilitis, coughs and colds to name a few.. I blame our bodies adjusting to ever changing temperatures, lack of sleep due to excitement and slight dehydration due to walking/hikes (and sticks on hikes for tripping me over!!) and not taking enough water to replenish what we were sweating out in those extreme heat conditions for the inconvenience!  Lessons learned, I say. 

Our desired weekly budget has well and truely been blown these first few weeks - largely in part to said injuries, doctors/specialist appointments and medicines/antibiotics required;  the tweaking and minor repairing of our set up; fuel consumption due to the already 2965kms we’ve travelled; 4 birthdays; and one major attraction - being our Zoofari Lodge experience at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. If you missed our little highlight vid, click here to watch it 🦒🐘🦓

We have already met another 5 travelling families in person and instantly connect in a ‘just ran into your best friend’ kind of way. The camaraderie, story sharing and willingness to trade valuable lessons learned on the road is a specific connection that has already restored our faith in others. Oh - and it’s fantastic to see the kids socialise… displaying the same ‘just ran into their best friend’ attitude towards creating new friendships with play-buddies that may very well be moving on tomorrow in the opposite direction!

If this is what our new lifestyle consistently provides, we may just very well turn into full-time gypsies 🤔😉