The fishing charter we did in Seisia on our way to the 'Tip of Australia' was A HIT.. and we doubt fishing back anywhere local to Brisbane will ever be the same again!

We were all so excited to go out on a proper charter instead of continuing to try our luck from the jetty (where, mind you, Wayne and every other tourist would load up their several different rods for the varied specimen of fish below - yet they were amusingly 'shown up' by the local indigenous kids who pulled in monster fish, after monster fish using only a hand line..) 

We were taught how to attach the lures for trawling, and before too long heard the squeal of the line.  I was up first, so ran to the bent rod and started winding the line as fast as I could.  Within the minute, a second line started squealing so Dylan grabbed that one and he and I raced to be the first to bring a fish into the boat. 

Luckily for me, I'd had a head start, so my fish was closer to the boat when we saw a big dark shadow off in the near distance....  it was a SHARK - and it was trying to steal our fish!  Fortunately, I managed to get mine in to take the title of first catch of the day - but would be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed at it being a barracuda that didn't rate very highly on the 'tasty' scale.

Poor Dylan, we saw as he pulled it in view of the boat, also had hooked a barracuda, but he just wasn't quite fast enough to beat the lazy shark we'd attracted to the party.  He was pretty frustrated as the shark snapped his line twice in a row before disappearing into the depths of the ocean and our skipper suggesting we try a spot that was sheltered a little more from the wind (and sharks) to get the lure's down a bit deeper.

Cody's turn saw him hook a massive GT, with Wayne almost crushing his fingers trying to help him bring it close to the skippers net for securing into the boat.  So, I feel I need to add....just so you know the REAL story... it WAS Cody's fish (Shhhhhhhh...), but Wayne will tell you that it was his catch since he got it into the boat (and then got to "tap" it on the head with a baseball bat - which seemed brutal to me, and made me feel like I should have been shielding the younger boys' eyes from the scene in front of them - but the skipper said it was necessary so the GT didn't flap about and hurt any of us on board!)

NOTE: I'm sure you've seen.... but just incase you haven't.... get a load of Wayne's  S. M. I. L. E. as he's posing with "his" massive catch in the photo gallery above!! 

Cody and Dylan both then managed to pull in their own Queenies which had us SUPER excited since they were meant to be a ripper species for a cook up!   Wayne and I both also brought in a Tuna each.  Mine gave me my first experience of sport-fishing (perhaps to a lesser degree... but still gave me a run for my money, and made me think the bloody rod was broken which made our skipper a little cautious to come over and he sent Wayne to my rescue.  LOL.  I may have been mumbling something about the fact that I'd been given a dodgy rod, when I just didn't understand the rhythm... and the fact you should NOT keep attempting to wind while also trying to lift the rod)  Wayne, of course, made his Tuna look effortless in comparison.

All in all, it was definitely an experience I would recommend!  We had a full day out on the water, food and drinks were provided, we only had one run-in with an angry croc, and aside from that all of us caught a decent sized fish - even Linkin had lots of fun trying to catch the live bait in the fish tank at the back of the boat!