Stessl Tinnie

Our Almac 12v winch boatloader is definitely going to make getting the boat on and off the roof easier during our Aussie travels!

Why did you bring a tinnie? (Stessl 3.7m)

Because I wanted to catch fish (with my boys) and explore the waterways and see islands that otherwise wouldn’t give us that additional explorers aspect.

What (if any) modifications have you done to your boat and why?

Bimbi shade cover - comfort in the heat

Carpeted and enclosed front nose section - use as castings deck and extra storage for safety equipment and life jackets

Clip on cushion seat - for comfort

Fish finder - monitor depth of water

Rod holders - fishing/trawling

Did you have to prioritise other ‘wants’ to be able to bring the boat?

Yes. Bikes and paddle board were the biggest items. Weights needed to be considered.

Anything you HAVENT done that you want to?