The Olgas (Kata Tjuta)

I can’t believe we almost bypassed seeing these beautiful rock formations!!

The Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is home to two phenomenal rock formations - one being Uluru or Ayers Rock as it was known for years - and the other being The Olgas. It’s native name is Kata Tjuta, which means ‘many heads’, because of its shape! We knew nothing of The Olgas before we came to the red centre, as Uluru had been the bucket list landmark to explore.

Owing to the rain forecast for that first day we were in the National Park, we had almost decided we were going to have a ‘chill out day’ in the van - catch up on our ‘Home & Away’ (I know, I know…..!) and some of those zzzzzzzzzz’s our bodies craved after a few longer than usual days travelling in the car. Lucky for us, the boys were restless…. so we figured that even if it rained, the boys needed to burn a little energy, so we headed for ‘The Olgas’ in the car geared up to do one of the few signed treks out there.

The flies were definitely out in force, so armed with our long sleeves and fly nets we started the Walpa Gorge Walk. Not long in it started spitting, so we had to run back to the car and ditch the cameras. The best thing about the rain?? It made the flies disappear! 😆😆

The rain was fairly light at first, so we decided to take a slightly more difficult trek into The Valley of the Winds… and as the name suggests, we hit some moderate discomfort with the wind making our already damp clothes and bodies feel even colder - but still we continued onwards to the first lookout.

The view was a little hazy due to all the cloud cover - however I was super impressed with the boys efforts with our rainy walk, and we all read the information signs along the way, talking about what these sacred aboriginal lands were used for in recent years.

We had to leave our exploration at that - after the kids started complaining that they could no longer feel their legs they were that cold! Heading out, the magnificent smells of damp plants and wood gave our senses something else to focus on.

We must have looked a sight stripping down out of our wet clothes before jumping back in the car with the heater pumping before making our way back to camp for a warm shower!!

All part of the adventure……