Being the end of summer, we had some stifling days on the Yorke…. And LOVED every moment!

Sandy toes.  Salty lips.  Ocean breeze.  Those right there are some key elements to our happiness – and we were most definitely not disappointed during our time exploring the Yorke’s hotspots.

Check out our quick highlight 'teaser' reel from the Yorke Peninsula. 

We stayed just down from Point Turton in a council camping area (Leven’s) which cost us $50 for the entire week.  With drop toilets, rubbish bins and a sandy beach literally 50metres away, we were stoked to find this spot!

Deciding to stay for at least a week allowed us the freedom to have a ‘base’ where we could leave the tinnie and van while we day tripped to the lighthouse, National Park, jetty’s and other points of interest on the Peninsula.

 It was the first decent weather we’d encountered that would see us use the tinnie for fishing almost every day!  The wind however, provided its own set of challenges.  Most fishing expeditions were cut a little short when wind would come out of nowhere really quickly -threatening to drench us in our 3.7m tinnie on the way back to camp as we faced the bumpy seas they induced.  

One morning, Wayne went down to the beach to have his coffee in the boat (on the shore…) he found it had been pushed-side on in the previous night’s tide, with the ass-end buried in the sand.  Luckily, the motor was okay as it had clearly been drowned by the incoming water.

Our fishing tally was somewhat pitiful during the week as well.  We’ll just blame the weather and the semidiurnal tides.

There were a few long days spent exploring our surrounds – and to this day we are STILL learning of new places we missed while we were there!

We did happen to find the most EPIC sand dunes at Daly Heads Beach providing HOURS of fun (and exercise) for the boys.  If you visit this beach be sure to expect the ‘thigh-burn’ that comes with the flights of stairs back to your car from the beach!  I was grateful the day was accident- free as the speed in which the kids were hooning down the dunes made me clench my jaw in anticipation of a tumble…. These boys surely keep us on our toes!!  (View the vid below to see the dunes!)

The boys favourite beach in the area would have to have been Berry Bay Beach – a surf beach that gave the boys a reason to pull out their boogie boards.  We were so impressed with their ability to catch the waves – even Linkin – who until recently was freaked out by ANY water (including the shower)!!

If I’m honest, I definitely felt like a crazy anxious mother being on the surf beach with no life-guards on duty.  My knowledge of the ocean, rips and other dangers is seriously lacking – so I’m sure our pre-teen was unimpressed with the distance he was allowed out from shore.

Our overall favourite family ‘thrills’ of the Yorke consisted of jetty jumping at Point Turton and being towed behind the tinnie at Burner’s Beach on the boogie boards. Interestingly, we found out that some of the locals volunteer their time and resources to erect the little pontoons next to Point Turton, to allow a safe swimming area for locals and tourists alike throughout the warmer months. Pretty cool the sense of community you find in these smaller towns!

Some of the people we met while staying here have been so super down to earth and friendly, telling us that SA’s best beaches were still to come – as the Yorke was simply the entree for the Eyre Peninsula!

Dylan and I recap our time on the Yorke below.