This last week has been absolutely CRAZY!!

So much so, that with everything we’ve been running around trying to get done, we’ve all been getting a tad stressed, tired, and on each other’s nerves more than just a little!!


For example, yesterday as we were waiting in the car for Wayne to purchase the EPIRB we need for the tinnie, Linkin was having a toddler ‘tanty’ in his car seat about being COLD.... yep, you heard me.... cold, on a 36 degree day, with the air con on inside the 4wd because the rest of us were HOT.

So he’s flinging his arms around everywhere in an effort to rub his legs, hitting the other two boys in the process - one of whom has that pre-teen lack of patience for his youngest brother, and the other with a grumpy look on his face, continuously huffing and puffing as he kept failing to get comfortable in his seat due to an abundance of sleepovers and lack of actual sleep (And let’s face it, in a 76 series cruiser... comfort isn’t one of its renown features)..

I leave Dylan in the car and walk... okay, ‘STORM’ into the boat shop with a grumpy 8yr old who needs to pee and a whining 4yr old to nicely tell Wayne to hurry the F up so we can be on our ‘not-so-merry’ way...

P.S - Sorry to the man behind the counter... I promise we’re generally really lovely people and not like this often! 🤔🤥🙄

So yeah.... let’s be REAL here.... Thoughts of ‘HOLY SHIT!! It better not be like this when we’re travelling full time from the weekend’ and ‘Oh My God - Why can’t they just sit still and shut-up so we can get everything done!!’ definitely crossed my mind. 😡

In hindsight... this last 2 weeks has been somewhat STRESSFUL... This isn’t just a holiday for us.... we don’t have a HOME base to return to... this is going to be our new LIFE for a few years!!

So I know the kids are just picking up on our vibes (and doing what they do best, which is pushing our buttons harder 🤪), and we’ve all spoken openly and honestly about how there is going to be an adjustment period for all of us now we’re in each other’s faces 24/7, and we’re putting certain plans into place to manage those times.

Fingers crossed it fizzles out quick!