The perfect time is NOW, because ‘later’ isn’t always possible.

Sometimes life can be completely overwhelming... you know? 

Our lives have been getting so busy the last few years.  And even though we're in our mid 30's it feels like it's all flying past at incredible speeds!  Trying to keep up with all of our commitments leaves us barely any time to scratch ourselves and has definitely thrown any balance out the window!  I'm sure we're not the only ones who feel this way....  can you relate?

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You try your darnedest

To be the best parent/s you can.. not missing out on any of the kids milestones, activities and needs - all the while second guessing yourself and wondering if you're doing a good enough job of raising them - particularly in today's technology fuelled society..  Are you spending enough quality time with each of them; are you being everything that they need you to be...? 

To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.
— Unknown

You work your arse off

In a job or business that gets you by, but doesn't particularly fuel your passion or light you up.  Or perhaps it does for you.. but you lack the time or resources to gracefully achieve what it is you really want, so most days you dread the effort involved but continue doing just enough to get by, all the while mentally kicking yourself for not 'doing' or 'being' more.  Or perhaps for you, it's just that what you're building takes such intense consistency and attention that other areas of your life are suffering..?


Someone close to your circle -

A family member, or a friend perhaps, has passed, waking you up to the fact that tomorrow really isn't promised anyone..  You're left feeling this person should have had years left to share in new experiences, travel to new places and create new memories with you.  Have you had this happen to you, and sworn to start ticking off your bucket list?


You've realised that

There's a different energy hanging around when you're on holidays.  Everyone's always smiling and so relaxed.  The kids constantly make your heart melt the way they interact with each other... so caring and inclusive.  You see the relationship between the kids and both you and your partner deepening.  You feel more connected than ever.  Why oh why, can't every day feel like this?  Am I right?

These are some of the major reasons why we've decided to stop talking about it, and start doing it!   We know life doesn't wait for anyone, and if we continue looking for reasons why we SHOULDN'T or can't do something, then, naturally, we will always find them.. 

Changing our perspective to looking for reasons why we should start living our dream was key, and naturally, we found so many!