Yanga Old Woolshed

We stopped in to check out the old Yanga Woolshed on our way to the Murray River..

The Woolshed is located in the Yanga National Park, and you can find it on wikicamps or here on the NSW National Parks site for more information.

Along the Murrumbidgee River, the Woolshed was built in the late 1800s. The now historic site was once the largest, most modern woolshed in the district, housing around 3,000 sheep and providing work for up to 40 shearers at a time.

It’s incredible to try imagine what times would have been like for those workers.
Such intense labour. Such extreme heat conditions in those sheds. Such a contained lifestyle in one of the dorm rooms!! We’ve had comments from some our facebook page followers that conditions are still pretty much the same for shearers to this day!

We definitely recommend a visit if you’re passing through.

From the hand crafted fences, creepy creaking doors; locked doors in the living quarters; cobwebs and old fallen to pieces furniture - there’s a rustic feel which had me feeling we were inside a Freddy Kruger movie...... it sure is an eye opener to a piece of pastoral history.

Our boys were fascinated with some of the machinery and rich aroma of sheep that still remains - oh, and make sure you wear shoes on your self - guided tour…. as the prickles are lethal out there (see photo below for proof!!!)